Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is assembled to help people who are worried about whether or not their PII (Personal Identifiable Information) will be used properly online. It is recommended that you go through our privacy policy very carefully to understand the process that we follow regarding of collection, usage and security of your Personally Identifiable Information as per the rules of our website.

Details of personal information that we request people to submit on our blog

When you decide to register or order through our website, we may ask you to feed in your phone number, email address, name and other necessary details to serve you better.

When will you be asked to enter your information?

You will be asked to enter your information when you fill out a particular form, subscribe to our newsletter  or key in some information via our website.

How is the information provided by you utilized?

The information provided by you is used by us when you purchase something, you register on our website, subscribe a newsletter or participate in a survey or a marketing campaign, browse the website or utilize different features in below listed ways

  • To enhance your experience and allow us to provide the relevant content and products that interest you the most.
  • To enhance our website to serve you better.
  • To send out regular emails related to your orders, products and different services.

How your information is secure with us?

We display information and articles only. We will never ask you for any information like credit card numbers. We utilize Malware Scanning on a regular basis.

The personal information you provide us is completely safe in our secured networks and the information is made accessible only to a selected number of individuals who possess special rights to access crucial data like our staff members. These individuals are not allowed to reveal any confidential information to anyone. Also, the crucial information provided by you is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Are cookies used at our end?

Yes we do use cookies at our end. Cookies are basically small files transferred to the hard drive of your computer by the site or the service provider via the web browser you are using. If you enable the cookies it means you give away the permission to a site or service to identify your browser    and extract required information. For example, we make use of cookies so that we can store the items that you shop for and process the items accordingly. The cookies also let us know about the area of your interests looking at the current and past activities which directly helps us enhance our services. Cookies also allow us to arrange huge data related to site traffic and site engagement which helps us to serve you better and provide improved tools.

We utilize cookies to

  • Identify the user’s interests and refer them in future.
  • Monitor advertisements
  • Organize huge amount of data related to site engagement and site traffic to improve user’s experience with us and provide improved tools. Sometimes we also use services provided by third party to keep a check of this information for us.

You can also opt to let your computer send out message prior to a cookie approaching your system. You can also disable the cookies completely. To disable the cookies you can check the browser settings to make the necessary changes. As every browser has different settings/menu, you can search for Help Menu in the browser you are using to know about the right way to change the cookies settings.

In case you choose to turn OFF the cookies, you may not be able to able to avail a better experience with the site as certain features may not work the way they actually do.

Third Party Declaration

We strictly avoid the practice of selling, trading or transferring your Personally Identifiable Information to any external parties.

Links from third parties

Sometimes, we also include the services or products of third parties on our site but with our judgement. The third parties included on our website will have their individual set of privacy policies. Thus, we take no responsibility or accountability for the activities or content associated with the links on these sites. In spite of this we want to safeguard the virtue of our website and welcome feedback related to these sites.


The advertising requirements for Google can be concluded through the Principles of Google Advertising. They are assembled at one spot to give users a better experience.

Google Adsense Advertising on our website

Google is a third party seller that makes use of cookies to distribute advertisements on our website. Google uses DART cookies to distribute the ads to the users based on their past activities on our website and various other sites. Users can disable the DART cookie through Google Ad and Content Network policy.

Our Execution

  • Remarketing with the help of Google Adsense
  • Display Network Impression Reporting by Google Analytics

We collaborate with vendors from third party like Google Analytics (first party) and DoubleClick cookie which is a third party vendor organize data related to user engagement with ad services, ad impressions etc as these services are directly connected with our website.

Modify preferences

You can change the preferences according to the way you want Google to advertise for you by visiting the page Google Ad Settings. Also you can choose to opt out via the page Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out or through add on- Google Analytics Opt Out Browser.

How Do Not Track signals is handled on our site?

We give importance to Do Not Track and Do Not Track signals, plant cookies or utilize advertising only when a DNT (Do not Track) tool of the browser is in correct place.

Do we allow the behavioral tracking of third party websites?

Please remember we do not permit the behavioral tracking of third party.