Sarkari Naukri 2018 – Get Latest Government Jobs Details – Govt Job Vacancies

There is a huge crowd who dream of government jobs, however, the younger generation is least interested in it. There are many disadvantages, but the list of advantage is more than the list of drawbacks which makes the crowd hungry for govt jobs.

The desire for these jobs prevails in the middle class of our society, as they think it can give the better and secured life. So, let’s find out the latest sarkari naukri 2018 below.

List of Popular Sarkari Naukri 2018 – Govt Jobs

Sarkari Naukri or Latest Govt Jobs Alerts 2018

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The Best Aspects of A Government Job or Sarkari Job include:

Stability: Job security or stability plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, once a person is into government sector, he/she can lead a very peaceful life until retirement. Railway job is one of them.

Flexibility: The administration job provides a flexible life style. One can easily maintain a very healthy work and life balance. Simple 9-6 working hours is strictly followed by all the employees over the country.

Salary: Government employees do not have to spend time thinking whether they will get salary or not because their salary is no less than an universal truth. Whether the country suffers from great economic depression or the government earn million of profits.

Facility: Govt. employees get specific reservations in all sectors starting from a railway ticket to a bank loan. An govt employee can pass loan within no time.

Pension: Another great thing about govt jobs is the person is eligible for pension until they die. These acts like a complete life insurance, where one have to pay nothing, but will get paid from the govt. until last breath.

These are few reasons which makes people aspire for govt jobs. But every coin has two sides and therefore govt. jobs also have some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Sarkari Naukri or Sarkari Job

Monotonous Job: There are innumerable benefits of Central government jobs 2018 but it is very monotonous for the employees, they do not enjoy working as they do not have any refreshment. One can sit idly and no one will notice, but sitting idle everyday is a very tough job to do.

Negative Work environment: One have to adjust to a very discouraging and frustrating work environment. Leg pulling and jealousy is a every days affair. It is only comfortable for those people who are sluggish and lazy.

Only Reference, No Merit: Promotions are not based on merit, but on reference. This is the most negative aspect of an administrative job.

Low Salary: Whether it is central govt job or state govt job, Salaries are not as high in private sector.

Infrastructure: Most of the government offices are like historic buildings. Old worn out, dirty, piled up files and lethargic people.

Knowing everything, people are crazy to get these sarkari jobs 2018 and government jobs are still the most preferred options for most Indians. Getting a sarkari job is still considered to be a great achievement in India for various reasons.

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