Terms and Conditions

All the terms and conditions stated on the webpage will control your operation of this particular site. The terms will be applicable completely and will influence how you use this website. Using this website means you agree to all the terms and conditions and accept them as mentioned here on the website. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you should not use the website.

Individuals less than 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from using this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Except the content you possess under the mentioned Terms, Morejobs or/and its licensors have the right over all intellectual property rights as well as the materials mentioned on this website.

You will be given fixed license that is meant for only for reading the material that exists on this website.


You will be limited to the following

  • Publishing any of the material that exists on the website on a different media.
  • Trading, commercializing or sublicensing any material present on the website.
  • Showing any of the website material publicly or performing publicly.
  • Utilizing the website in an illegal manner that can cause damage to the website.
  • Utilizing the website in such a way that affects the access to the website for different users.
  • Making use of the website in a way that contradicts with the rules and regulations or in a manner that is harmful to the site, individual or a business.
  • Involvement in data extracting, data mining, data harvesting or related act via the website.
  • Putting the website to use for marketing or advertising purposes.

There are some areas on the website to which you will not be given access to and Morejobs has the right to limit you to access any of the sections on this website any time with complete caution. Any log-in details like user ID or password that you possess on this site are absolutely confidential and you are supposed to respect the confidentiality.

Your Content

In the website’s section of Standard Terms and Conditions- the term – your content refers to any video, audio, images text or any other material you want to upload on this site. By submitting your content, you give the permission to Morejobs a non-restricted, irreversible, sub licensable to utilize, print, modify, publish, interpret and also distribute the content in any media.

Your content should be unique and do not violate the rights of the third party. Morejobs holds the rights to delete any of the content posted by you from the website without any prior notice. 

No Assurance

This website is presented as it is including mistakes and Morejobs convey no depictions guarantees of any type linked to this website or any materials that exists on the website. Moreover nothing present on this website will explain like advising the users.

Restrictions of Accountability

Under any circumstances Morejobs, its directors, officers, employees shall not be responsible for any of your activities on the website even if the liability falls under contract. Morejobs its directors, officers, employees will also not be accountable for any accidental or significant responsibility that occurs as an outcome of your usage of the website.


Your hereby agree to secure Morejobs completely against/from any type of liabilities, expenses, damages, causes of actions that incur due to violating any of the distribution mentioned in Terms.


If any of the distributions of the Terms is identified to be not valid according to any laws applicable, then such distributions will be removed keeping the other provisions as it is.

Revision of Terms

Morejobs is allowed to edit the Terms as and when required and as a user of this website you are requested to check these Terms regularly.


The Morejobs holds the right to transfer allocate, sub contract any of its rights /obligations according to the Terms without any prior notice. On the other hand, you do not possess the right to transfer, allocate or subcontract your own rights /obligations as per the Terms.

Complete Agreement

The Terms mentioned on this page contain the complete agreement between Morejobs and users in context to your usage of the website and replace all old agreements as well as understandings.

Regulating Law and Administration

These Terms is bound to be managed by and executed according to the laws of West Bengal and you provide to the non restricted jurisdiction of West Bengal as well as the federal courts that exist in the state for resolving any of the controversy.

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